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Building Doctor Services
Building need continual care and attention to ensure that they are able to maintain their functional efficiency.
Our Building Doctors provide comprehensive and customized professional services to all types of buildings. Our technical background and experience enable us to tackle even the most sophisticated building problems.
The Services include:
  • Building Envelope Assessment

    Each year, SWA's Building Doctors evaluate the facades and roofs of hundreds of structures. Most evaluations include hands-on inspection and testing to better understand existing conditions.

    - Exterior wall & curtain wall systems
    - Roofing and waterproofing
    - Water entry and condensation studies
    - Structural assessments
    - Repair and rehabilitation design
    - Construction troubleshooting
  • Structural Evaluation

    When the integrity or condition of a structure is in question, SWA provides reliable answers, utilizing the technical expertise of our professional staff, state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, and the experience gained from thousands of previous evaluations.

    - Structural condition assessment and load rating
    - Design of repairs / retrofits and other modifications
    - Load testing
    - Field monitoring
    - Structural component testing
    - Design review
  • Historic Preservation

    SWA is uniquely qualified to respond to the technical and aesthetic needs of architecturally significant and historic structures, offering full services from planning and investigation through design implementation. SWA surveyors and engineers have earned a reputation as authorities on the repair and conservation of building materials and systems including slate and clay tile roofs; terra cotta, concrete, stone, brick, and cast iron facades; and archaic structural systems.

    Sophisticated structural testing and analysis techniques allow SWA to develop innovative, non-destructive, and cost-effective solutions for structural repairs to older and historic structures.

    - Preservation
    - Materials conservation analysis
    - Historical, technical, and materials research
    - Historic structures reports

  • Failure Investigation and Repair Design

    SWA specializes in defects identification, their repair and rehabilitation. Repair details and specifications are developed based on their performance in hundreds of projects.

    - Survey and investigation of all building problems including E&M facilities
    - Diagnosis of building defects.
    - Recommendation of rectification treatment.
    - Repair and rehabilitation design review
    - Preparation of tender documents and specifications
    - Construction phase inspection and testing services
    - Construction management

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    - Indoor air quality (IAQ) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)
    - Environmental Engineering
    - Evaluation and control of other physical, chemical and biological hazards

  • Construction Materials Evaluation and Research

    SWA's staff of recognized experts provides comprehensive consulting services for the evaluation of construction materials. Lessons learned in testing and research are applied as solutions to problems. We are experienced with all construction materials, including concrete, mortars, grouting, stone, brick, terra cotta, tile, wood, metals, glass, coatings, caulks, sealants, setting beds, and adhesives.

    SWA materials scientists offer a full range of services in petrography, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and mortar, paint, and coatings analysis.

    - Materials testing and analysis
    - Materials failure investigation
    - Materials conservation research
    - Petrographic examination
    - Optical, infrared, and electron microscopy
    - Differential thermal analysis

  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support

    Clients often rely on SWA to provide expert professional services in the resolution of construction claims disputes arising from construction deficiencies, design deficiencies, materials failures, water leakage, construction delay, and accidents. SWA's senior professional will act as Expert Witness in court to give evidence as to liability of repair works

    - Technical investigation
    - Expert testimony
    - Design and code review
    - Construction claims
    - Laboratory testing and analysis
    - 3D graphic representations
    - Models and renderings
    - Preparation of Schedules of Dilapidation


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