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Real Estate Agency
In a booming market with high property prices, property buyers and tenants are becoming increasingly selective, SWA's agency service excels in its ability to select and recommend properties that closely match your specific requirements.
Funding the right premises is never easy at best of times, our scope of services provide you with:
  • Conducting Marketing Feasibility Study
  • Tailor-made professional Agency Services.
  • Acting for clients in acquisition, disposal and leasing of all types of land, buildings, offices, shops and residential units.
  • Liaison on legal matter from start to completion of transaction.
  • Formulation of sole agency marketing strategies.
  • Implementation of effective marketing campaign.
An extensive computerised database of available properties and latest transactions is constantly updated so that market conditions can be quickly analysed and matched with client's needs. With our in-house database SWA is able to provide its clients with accurate information to assist in the decision making process.
Market Feasibility Study:
  • to determine the suitability of this property for profitable development, and
  • to define optimal products and amenities in accordance with projected market demand, and
  • to project sales absorption and annual revenues from development of this property.
  • Who will buy or lease your products?
  • How will you attract them to your site?
  • What products do they want?
  • SWA goes beyond basic demographic and competitive analysis when studying real estate
  • By focusing on consumer preferences, SWA is able to answer the key questions developers need to know prior to successful development:


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