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Development Monitoring
SWA development monitoring service is set to assist our clients to identify, quantify and mitigate their exposure to development risk. Investigating the financial, technical, organizational and contractual activities of a construction process or project and assisting clients by monitoring the delivery of the investment.All of our clients are provided with independent and expert advice on the technical feasibility of a given proposal and its potential to meet expected cost, quality and programme expectations. This has now become a prerequisite, whether the client is an investor, funding institution, owner, developer, prospective purchaser or tenant.
Our service involves giving initial technical advice on areas such as building contracts, lease arrangements and procurement arrangements in the form of Pre-construction Monitoring Report. As part of our Development Monitoring Service we can carry out design compliance checks, procedure and construction reviews on monthly basis in the form of Construction Monitoring Report.
Pre-construction Monitoring Reports

Our pre-contract acquisition reports includes:

Discussing the client's requirements and formulating a brief, which will include space, function, timing, cost, quality and setting up lines of authority.

Making an initial site visit to gather information and to undertake checks on condition prior to the appointment of further consultants.

Examining and advising on building contracts and other documents prepared by the Developer's team and ascertaining the extent of the instruction and duties of the Developer's building advisors.

Considering, identifying and reviewing drawings, specifications and/or bills of quantities, tender and/or contract documents, in support of the building contract.

Ensuring that site investigations such as sub-soil reports, soil contamination reports, site drainage reports, mining reports etc. have been completed, commenting on design solutions based on the reports.

Examining all the necessary statutory consents, in particular Planning Approvals, Building Regulations Approvals,

Reviewing insurance arrangements made by the Developer or the Contractor for the adequacy of the sums insured and conformity with the client requirements and confirming payment of all necessary premiums.

Preparing cash flow forecasts against the Contractor's programme.

Attending pre-contract meetings with the Development team, as necessary.


Construction Monitoring Reports

The construction phase monitoring service includes:

Monitoring the building contract works and reporting on compliance with the building contract.

Preparing monthly status reports on progress, costs of the building works, visiting site and reporting on quality standards against design proposals and monitoring defects.

Authorising payments to the building contractor on behalf of the trustee, under the terms of the development agreement.

Monitoring and reporting on approvals obtained from the relevant government authorities.

Carrying out pre-completion building inspection with the Developer's agents  and counter signing the issuing of the completed final statement for the building works contract.

Obtaining copies of all necessary approvals from local authority, building control and planning authorities.

Reviewing the schedule of outstanding building contract works items at practical completion and reporting on the progress of these works.

Reviewing the health & site safety records.

Reviewing the notice of completion of making good defects and making proper representation.


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