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SWA Building Surveying Team delivers complete building solutions in all stages of the development process from inception to completion. We provide tailor-made services for our clients engaging in building development.

Our BS services for new buildings are as follows:
  • redevelopment potential assessment;
  • building control advisory on legal restrictions such as Buildings Ordinance, Town Planning and Land Leases;
  • project monitoring for joint venture developments;
  • project finance advisory; and
  • project management during development stage.
SWA Building surveyors play a major role in the management and maintenance of buildings after their completion and assist owners of existing buildings to maintain and enhance the value of their property. We can help owners take care of their buildings by providing a wide spectrum of professional consultancy services, which include:
  • Asbestos Survey;
  • Barrier Free Access Audits & Design;
  • Building Surveys, BSIS Surveys, Preventive Maintenance Surveys; Structural Surveys, Monitoring Surveys;
  • Completion Inspection;
  • Due diligence & Pre-acquisition Inspection;
  • Flat Hand-over Inspections;
  • Fitting–out Control;
  • Fire Safety Assessments & Upgrades;
  • Maintenance, Renovations, Alterations & Additions;
  • Measurement Surveys;
  • Party Wall Advice;
  • Plumbing & Drainage Improvements;
  • Portfolio Asset Management & Maintenance;
  • Repairs & Investigations Ordered by the Government;
  • Slope Safety Assessments & Improvements;
  • Unauthorized Building Works Assessments & Rectifications.



Our Architectural and Interior Design Team is set to provide fully integrated services in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning which cover the entire scope of physical design and construction in the property development market.
Our philosophy is to serve our clients of both public and private sectors with imaginative designs which will satisfy high standard of aesthetics, function and economy.
Our scope of services includes:
  • Feasibility studies on alternative design concepts
  • Advising on planning issues
  • Presenting inception and preliminary design including energy audit
  • Preparing submission to government authorities and utility companies
  • Preparing and presenting the final design, colour scheme and material samples for client's approval
  • Preparing final detail drawings and specifications for tendering purposes
  • Conducting tender process
  • Preparing contract documents
  • Liaising with all project parties
  • Post-contract administration
  • Inspecting site work and monitoring progress on site
  • Issuing architect's instructions for variation order and certifications for payments
  • Preparing defects list and certification of completion


The Building Services Engineering Team provides consultancy services in relation to electrical and mechanical installations for all types of construction projects.
These services include:
  • Preparing specification of materials and workmanship and equipment schedules
  • Preparing design drawings and calculations
  • Preparing submission to government authorities and utility companies
  • Supervising and co-ordinating all E&M installation on site
  • Liaising with all project parties
  • Monitoring testing and commissioning of all E&M system
  • Preparing as-fitted drawings
The Services include:
  • Building Defects Rectification
    • Survey and investigation of all building problems including E&M facilities
    • Diagnosis of building defects.
    • Recommendation of rectification treatment.
  • Building Maintenance and Renovation
    • Condition and safety survey.
    • Preparation of renovation/improvement proposal.
    • Preparation of design drawing and specification.
    • Supervision of construction works.
  • Addition and Alteration of Buildings
    • Feasibility studies
    • Design
    • Project Management
  • Energy Conservation of Buildings
    • Energy conservation study
    • Improvement of efficiency of E&M installations
  • Valuation
    • Fire insurance valuation
    • Reinstatement cost valuation


The Quantity Surveying Team of the practice provides full quantity surveying and cost consultancy services for all types of construction projects.
These services include:
  • Preparing initial and detailed cost estimates for client's financial planning
  • Advising on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements
  • Preparing tender documents, bills of quantities and contract conditions
  • Advising on post-tender negotiation
  • Examining, analyzing and reporting on tenders received
  • Preparing formal contract documents for signing
  • Preparing cash flows for client's financial arrangement
  • Valuing the work in progress on site and recommending amounts for interim payments
  • Preparing financial statement
  • Measuring and preparing bills of variations
  • Liaising with the project parties and to exert full cost control throughout the entire construction period
  • Evaluating and negotiation all contractor's claims
  • Preparing final account for the project


As one of the leading Building Consultancy Firms in Hong Kong, we provide a comprehensive professional service in all aspects of building health and safety legislation. We have very experienced authorized persons and registered structural engineers to take up formal responsibilities and legal duties under the Buildings Ordinance and other relevant regulations. Through our established submission system we have the resources to respond rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively to fulfill government's approval requirements on both new buildings and alteration works for existing buildings.
  • Authorized Person Services;
  • Advertisement Signboards Certification & Registration;
  • Applications for Various Licenses;
  • Change of Use;
  • Preparation of Assignment / Agreement / DMC Plans;
  • Registered Structural Engineer Services.


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