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Samson Wong & Associates (SWA) is the best solution to your search for a unified consultancy of land, property and construction in Hong Kong, China and Macau.

Adopting a holistic approach and armed with latest technologies, SWA's multi-disciplinary team of professional surveyors, architects and engineers with asset-graded experience are always ready to turn our clients' needs into business opportunities and create real value to our clients. Interestingly, while there are property professionals offering various expertise, there is no one single set-up that can offer all areas of expertise in a truly integrated professional manner like us.

This revolutionary concept of a truly integrated property service is based on the simple belief that better co-ordination, and better results, will be generated by dealing with one company, instead of dealing with several entities with different styles of management, conflicting goals and inconsistent priorities. Samson Wong & Associates – SWA is a coherent team of experienced and seasoned consultants who share the same vision about the concept of integrated professional property service and the team is totally committed to make it work.

In addition to the more tradition building consultancy services, our unrivalled expertise in project management and international real estate development enables SWA to execute specialized projects uniquely tailored to suit our clients' requirements. We have been frequently commissioned to conducting independent quality audits for major development projects for big corporations, handling new hotels and health-care centers establishment works as well as specialized consultancy studies for various government authorities and non-government organizations.

Among Hong Kong's major property consultancy firms, SWA is distinguished by the exceptional integrated professionalism. A multi-disciplinary team of professional surveyors, architects, engineers and real estate consultants with a winning spirit and a firm commitment to see your project through from start to successful completion.

Our high level of skills is further enhanced by an in-depth knowledge of the market, superb contacts and computer support that is unique in the industry.

SWA is a firm you can count on to give you the best professional advice and consultancy services.

Looking ahead, we believe Hong Kong will continue to grow as an international financial centre and an important service centre for China related business. We anticipate increasing opportunities for property development in Hong Kong as well as China, and accordingly, increasing demand for the unique services we provide. SWA is committed to satisfy those demands in a professional and quality manner.



Mission & Commitment

SWA is fully committed to offering highly customised and professional services with strong emphasis on professional integrity and impartiality.
SWA offers the fullest range of property services, providing innovative and practical advices to clients in Hong Kong, China as well as the Asia Pacific Region.
SWA is destined to be the leader in the property consultancy field, and is committed to uphold its leadership by applying its talent, local knowledge, networking abilities and extensive experience in everything it does.
SWA's management team will be readily accessible and highly customer-oriented. The management is committed to quality work, reliability and total customer satisfaction.
As our valued Client your requirements and our ongoing project obligations will continue to be met by the staff having the right knowledge and expertise and those you trust. Please be assured that our commitment to you and your organization will not change.
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